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e-ThinkTank MITEGRO

Leading network for the transfer of knowledge and the joint development of digital projects in the electrical sector


The MITEGRO GmbH & Co KG is a cooperation of 13 medium-sized electrical wholesale specialists in Germany and Austria with more than 30 branches and more than 200 retail outlets. The shareholders of MITEGRO founded the e-ThinkTank MITEGRO in January 2017 with the aim of becoming the leading network for knowledge transfer and joint development of digital projects in the electrical sector. Alongside selected IT experts, technology partners and diverse representatives of associations from the sector, at present more than 100 manufacturers from the electrical industry are involved in the e-ThinkTank MITEGRO.

The further tasks and objectives of the e-ThinkTank MITEGRO can be found on the pages on strategic initiatives.

The Strategic Initiatives

Further Development Of Article Master Data

The focus of this initiative has been placed on the further development of existing master data and the provision of more comprehensive master data for | more

Augmented / Virtual Reality

The objectives of this initiative are to develop utilisation concepts for the virtual intermediate layer generated through the application of | more

Big Data

A big data infrastructure promises increased transperancy regarding market activities, with wich own bussiness transactions can be | more


In thie initiative, the benefits of the blockchain technology for the electrical sector are to be discussed be way of examples | more

Artificial Inteligence

The aim of this initiative is to discuss aoolication possability for systems with artificial Inteligence (AI) wich - building on big data | more